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University Connections

TWU Extension also extends TWU learning connections and community concepts to other agencies and assists them in meeting their own goals. TWU Extension provides individuals, schools, churches, associations, and organizations with educational solutions and advancements.

These learning products and programs may be customized for specific needs or may be drawn from the University’s current course and program selections. TWU Extension is currently involved in the following partnership programs: courses offered in cooperation with high schools, university credit linguistics courses in cooperation with Canada Institute of Linguistics, teacher education professional development in cooperation with the Society of Christian Schools and the Association of Christian Schools International, and programs offered in post-secondary institutions and professional organizations (nationally and internationally).

University Connections also provide individuals with access to university transitions programs from high school to university (Freshman Academy), part-time studies for casual learners, and transitional support programs for international students seeking English language and cultural training in the context of academic studies (Freshman Academy and Bridge Program). Finally, accelerated programs provide students with opportunities to speed up their migration through university, to enrol in condensed and intensive programs of study or to catch up on their university education if they get behind in their degree pathway.

Casual/Continuing Studies

This program provides access to most TWU courses on a casual basis. Casual learners may have access to both on-campus classes and online courses through this program. Casual studies is ideal for students who need a few courses to complete a degree program or who are interested in trying TWU before making a full commitment to be admitted into a TWU degree program. For more information, visit

Freshman Academy

Freshman Academy contains first year university courses for two specific learner groups of first year students. Emphasizing cohort-based education, strong mentoring, academic core competence development, and integrative learning, the program is designed to meet the unique learning needs of each group. The two groups of students are:

  1. international non-native English language learners, and;
  2. on-campus learners seeking foundational academic strength-building for university learning success. The program consists of 27 to 30 sem. hrs. of select first year courses which are taken in an intensive learning format. Running throughout the two semester time period (fall and spring semesters), a faculty learning coach teaches a writing course in the context of each of the university courses. This equips the students with writing and learning skills specific to that discipline, which provide the necessary preparation to successfully enter second year.
On-campus Freshman Academy Sample Content
BUSI 111 Introductionto Business (3 sem. hrs.)
ENGL 103 Introduction to Literature: Short Fiction and Poetry (3 sem. hrs.)
COMM 111 Introduction to Communications (3 sem. hrs.)
PSYC 105 Introduction to Psychology (part 1: 3 sem. hrs.)
PSYC 106 Introduction to Psychology (part 2: 3 sem. hrs.)
HIST 111 History of Western Civilization (3 sem. hrs.)
SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology (3 sem. hrs.)
HKIN 190 Concepts of Physical Fitness (2 sem. hrs.)
UNIV 101 Introduction to University (1 sem. hrs.)
WRIT 100 University Writing (3 sem. hrs.)

Elective: choice of one 3 sem. hrs. online or on-campus course during Summer sessions (subject to availability).

Note: Courses offered may be adjusted with notice.

Test Drive

(University courses for High School Students) This program is designed for high school students interested in getting a head start on university. In many school districts, dual credit may be available, providing students with credit for a course on both high school and university transcripts. Embedded in the modularized university course are university preparation learning resources that introduce the learner to university studies and how to navigate the post-secondary system and culture. These modules provide assistance on university level reading and writing skills, time management, career counseling, and university life orientation.
Contact TWU Extension for more information 604.513.2067.

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