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M.A. in Educational Leadership

The M.A. in Educational Leadership provides students with a firm biblical and philosophical base for understanding the nature and functions of leadership in today’s society. Students explore and analyze opportunities, challenges, and resolution of problems common to a wide variety of leadership roles, and expand their own servant leadership insights, strategies, and skills. This degree is one of the streams in Trinity Western’s M.A. in Leadership program.

The program consists of 37 sem. hrs. of course and project work. All students in the degree program take 15 sem. hrs. of core courses such as leadership foundations and strategic leadership. These are taken during three successive summer sessions. Students also complete 15 sem. hrs of courses on educational leadership (e.g., The Dynamics of Educational Change) as well as a 2 sem. hr. research methods course, usually offered as online courses between September and May. Finally, students complete a 5 sem. hr. research project relating to their own employment setting, or a 4 sem. hr. project combined with a 1 sem. hr. school-based mentorship. For more information, see the Graduate Program in Leadership section of this Calendar or visit

Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership

The Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership is designed for teachers who want to consider leadership roles: to take on informal or formal specified leadership tasks; to be a lead teacher, team coordinator, grade level or department chair; or to become an assistant principal or principal.

The certificate requires the completion of 18 sem. hrs. of courses, including two required courses, EDUC 624 and LDRS 500. Students take four additional courses chosen from EDUC 620, 623, 625, 626; LDRS 503, or another approved graduate course with an educational leadership component. EDUC 500 and 503 are offered each July on the TWU campus; EDUC 620 and 623 are offered as summer courses, usually in alternate years; and EDUC 620, 623, 625, and 626 are offered online during each school year.

The certificate is normally completed in 13 months (July to July). Participants take at least one course in the summer, and at least three online during the school year. All certificate courses may be used for credit towards the M.A. in Educational Leadership.

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