Trinity Western University

School of Human Kinetics

Dr. Blair Whitmarsh, Dean

The School of Human Kinetics offers the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Human Kinetics;
  • Major in Human Kinetics, leading to a B.A. degree;
  • Major in Sport and Leisure Management, leading to a B.A. degree;
  • Concentration in Human Kinetics;
  • Minor in Human Kinetics;
  • Minor in Elementary School Physical Education.

Students may choose to take the B.H.K. degree in one of five stream options:

  • Generalist;
  • Kinesiology;
  • Physical Education;
  • Sport and Leisure Management;
  • Athletic Therapy.

Trinity Western’s Human Kinetics program is designed to give students the necessary theoretical foundations and practical experiences to be successful in teaching, coaching, and other recreational and human kinetics leadership positions.

Human Kinetics specialists take courses ranging from a basic theoretical study of human physical performance and behaviour such as biomechanics and sport psychology to courses with a more practical, applied approach such as fitness leadership, teaching, and coaching development. Students develop a sound knowledge base as well as relevant planning and organizational skills. They learn how to help others measure and evaluate their fitness and psychomotor skill levels as well as develop and implement realistic plans for self-improvement. Human Kinetics students gain skills in lesson and program planning as well as the communication of sports skills, team concepts, and the need for physical fitness. Sport studies and supervised practica are an essential part of a progressive strategy of leadership education, with compulsory third and fourth year courses involving both applied and theoretical content.

Trinity Western’s programs do more than provide a conceptual knowledge base with complementary practical experiences. Students gain insight into how human kinetics activities can reflect the Christian life and biblical values. They experience how team sports can be used not only to improve skills but also as a means to build Christian community. They learn how human kinetics and recreation relate to the fundamental principles of a balanced, productive, Christ-honouring life. Students are challenged to model and teach Christian values to others, using current and future leadership positions as opportunities for discipleship and witness.

The School of Human Kinetics also offers students not specializing in Human Kinetics a wide variety of courses designed to promote physical health, fitness and wellness, psychomotor skill improvement, and positive attitudes towards a God-pleasing, physically-active lifestyle.

Teacher certification for elementary grades in British Columbia requires 30 sem. hrs. of upper level course work in disciplines designated as suitable background for teaching elementary school subjects. The B.C. College of Teachers allows a maximum of 12 sem. hrs. of upper level course work in each of Kinesiology and Physical Education. A list of Human Kinetics courses in each category is available in the School of Human Kinetics Course Planning Guide. For teacher certification purposes, students taking a Bachelor of Human Kinetics, a B.Ed., or a B.A. with a major in Human Kinetics must take at least 6 sem. hrs. of upper level course work in another approved teaching subject area. Note that BIOL 241 and 242 do not meet the laboratory science requirement for prospective elementary teachers.

For certification in British Columbia, it is recommended that prospective secondary physical education teachers present a second acceptable teachable subject area (besides Human Kinetics). Students must obtain a minimum of 18 sem. hrs. of upper level course work in both Human Kinetics and in their second subject.

To ensure that prospective teachers meet all graduation and certifications requirements, they are strongly advised to check their proposed program with an advisor in the School of Education.

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