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2008/2009 Program Checklists

These program checklists are being updated for the 2008-2009 school year. Please check the revision or approval date at the bottom of the checklist.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of English


Department of Geography, History, and Political & International Studies


Department of Linguistics


Department of Modern Languages


Department of Philosophy


Department of Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology


Department of Religious Studies


Major in Intercultural Religious Studies


Multidisciplinary Studies

(please see Faculty of Natural & Applied Sciences for B.Sc Environmental Studies checklists)


Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences

Department of Biology


Department of Biotechnology


Department of Chemistry


Department of Mathematical Sciences


School of Nursing

Please choose the Nursing Program Checklist and Curricular Pattern for your year of graduation:


Multidisciplinary & Interdisciplinary Studies


(please see Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences for B.A Environmental Studies checklists)


Faculty of Professional Studies and Performing Arts

Department of Art


Department of Communications


Department of Theatre


Department of Music


Multidisciplinary Studies


School of Business


Multidisciplinary Studies


School of Education


School of Human Kinetics


Multidisciplinary Studies


School of Graduate Studies

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This page contains official TWU academic program information.