A large part of your life as a student consists studying: listening and discussing, reading and reflecting, thinking and writing, observing and beginning to teach.

But there’s more to the life of a student than earning a degree, so Trinity Western University’s societies, activities, and service opportunities add another dimension to your learning and your life as a student. Both course-related and extra-curricular activities give you an exciting balance of intellectual, spiritual, social, physical, and aesthetic growth.

There’s no shortage of things to do for students! On campus or close-by, you’ll find various student-organized activities, leadership and service opportunities, activities of various clubs, concerts, plays, gourmet coffee, sports, hiking trails, and ocean fronts.

In partnership with the School of Education and Trinity Western University Student Association, the Future Teachers Society hosts regular social and academic events for education students.

For more on TWU’s broad student experience, visit the Student Life webpages.