Greetings, Fellow Thespians!

I'll be talking about my pre-production work on Rhinoceros in subsequent entries, but a few students have asked why I'm still on campus even though the regular academic year is over (I mean really--now that the students are gone, the party's over, right?).  Well, here's the answer: as we're not in production, now is the time for me to prepare for another full year of productions!  Here's a list of some of the tasks I do in preparation for the season:

  • Prepare the budgets and schedules for all the shows
  • Secure the services of designers for all our set, costume and lighting designs
  • Improve or develop our spaces, equipment and systems

This summer in particular, there are two exciting things that are happening for the TWU Theatre Department.  The first is that we're renovating our performance space, Freedom Hall.  The floor is being leveled to create a flexible "black box" space and the lighting and sound systems are being improved as well (among other things).  I'm hoping that theses changes will enable us to go further in all our theatrical explorations.

The other exciting thing that is happening this summer is the Addition of Phil Schulze as our Head Technician.  Phil will be helping us to manage our production load and bring our shows to a new level in technical quality.

 So there's just a few things that are going on around here in the Theatre department this summer.  Talk to you soon!

Last updated Jun. 4th, 2008 at 1:02pm by Aaron Caleb