Time Flies

Whew!  Time sure flies when you're moving to Langley!  Langley's motto is "Where country meets city" so I suppose I'll be twice as busy now adding a country life to a city life.  Yes: Christina (my darling better half), Aliya (my 15-month-old cutest baby girl in the whole wide world) and I have purchased a town home in Walnut Grove and, after a few modest upgrades, will be moving in soon.  We're all looking forward to more space and to cutting out my hour and-a-half commute (although, I daresay our Vancouver friends & family members are not quite as pleased with our move waaaaaaaay out into "the stix").

Rhinoceros: Had a meeting with the Production Manager / Design Supervisor last week; all is going well. As this will be a low-budget show, and in hopes of making the show more about the play itself and the acting, I'm planning to go simple with the design elements.  I'm looking forward to working with a cast of only seven(small for university standards, it seems) and hope that we will be able to really hunker down and enjoy the zany world of one of Eugene Ionesco's more well-known absurdist plays.  In the play, people gradually turn into rhinos and stampede around the town, scaring people with their snorting and destruction.  Ridiculous?  Definitely!  But, if not on the stage, where else could you explore such an idea?  Ionesco said:

"I personally would like to bring a tortoise onto the stage, turn it into a racehorse, then into a hat, a song, a dragoon and a fountain of water. One can dare anything in the theatre and it is the place where one dares the least."

In our production of Rhinoceros, I hope we will be able to dare much.

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