Adventures in Autism, Diabetes, and Video Games

I chose this title for my blog because it encompasses my primary research interests and the three projects that will be occupying most of my time during this Summer.

My first research project is the development of a web-based intelligent guided e-learning system for early learners with ASD, their families, and support teams. I have two research assistants this Summer working with me on this project.

My second research project is DRASTIK, or Diabetes Risk Assessment Temporal Intelligent Knowledge-base system. This Summer we will be completing the third year of this project and we have made tremendous progress. My other two research assistants and I are working on the implementation of DRASTIK for mobile platforms. This is in preparation to integrate DRASTIK with CliniPEARLS a mobile version of the BC clinical practice guidelines developed by the Division of Continuing Professional Development and Knowledge Translation of the UBC Faculty of Medicine, with whom we are collaborating.

Finally, this Summer I'm teaching CMPT421/COMM350, the second and final installment of the Game Development courses, with Dr. Kevin Schut, assistant professor of Communications and co-instructor extraordinaire. (Only somebody like Kevin can comprehend the vital importance of me having to dash off as soon as class ends to catch the episode of Lost. He is also blogging this Summer. You can read what he is up to here.) During these courses, a hand-picked team of 20 TWU upper-level students from Computing Science, Communications, Art, Music, and Business are developing a computer game from scratch. From game concept, narrative, coding, music composition and performance, character and GUI design, to marketing and corporate image, it is all being done by them. Our game Label: Rise of Band will be released later this Summer.

In this blog I will be writing about the excitement, suspense, trials, joys (and the few sleepless nights in between) my teams and I will experience along the way in these adventures through autism, diabetes, and video games.

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