photo: David SquiresDr. David Squires

I am Dean of the Faculty of Professional Studies and Performing Arts. I’m also a composer, teaching composition and music history in the Music Dept. This summer I have a variety of tasks ahead, including writing a commissioned new piece, overhauling an upper level course in Christian Spirituality and New Music, various administrative/leadership tasks related to exciting future directions in FPSPA, several books to read and fold into my research and writing...and some holidaying in Ontario and the Okanagan. I have a passion for tea, and during the spring/summer months I like to spend many mornings on my back deck with a pot of tea and a good book... reading/researching/writing.

I’ll be blogging about my summer work and play, new ideas in my reading, what’s on the horizon for FPSPA for the coming years, and my busy family life (Colette and I have 4 kids, 2 of them married, 2 grandchildren so far, 3rd arriving in July...)

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