It's a Boy! ...a grandson actually...



Luke Zwaan came into the world July 4, a month early and already weighing 6 lbs 11 oz...with a full head of dark hair just like his older brother Cory. (...and looking like a combination of Cory as a newborn and Winston Churchill as an old man!  "...we shall fight them on the beaches, after my nap!")

We were in the middle of a holiday in Ontario (my sister's wedding in an Ottawa cathedral, some cottage time in Quebec's Gatineau hills, and relaxing with my parents in Ottawa)...and we had to cut things short by a week to come home for the great event! Mom (Kirsten, our eldest) and son are doing just fine now, as is 4-yr-old big brother Cory and Kirsten's husband Neil. (I kid Neil that he'll be able to hire both these boys some day to augment his construction crew...or form the majority of a hockey team!)

Liz has 3-mth-old Kieran, and Kirsten now has 2 sons...all these boys! It's really quite puzzling, after we had so many girls, to now have 3 grandsons... No complaints, though :)

Here I am with Kirsten and Luke (1 day old)



...and Grandma Colette is pretty delighted as well!






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