Old North Church interiorInternational ConferencesMay June 2008. Boston 766

Boston in 2008 and Glasgow, Scotland in 2005, what do they have in common?  These were some of the sites of International conferences I have attended.  Why?  Good question.  One of the reasons is that it enables me to remain current in my field and it also raises the profile of TWU.  When I go I meet with colleagues who have similar research interests and we share ideas and information. 

 This continual learning enables me to provide the most current information for you in my classes and it stimulates my own learning.  My faculty colleagues are engaged in similar pursuits during the summer months. 

 All of this means that when you graduate you can say with pride and confidence that you are a graduate of TWU.  People worldwide will be aware of the high quality of education you have received.

So, for History students, what is the significance of the Old North Church in Boston?  Also, who is that person I am talking with in the other photo?

More later.  Blessings as you enjoy your summer and make plans to come to TWU.


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