Wow - summer seems such a long time ago already.  Finally students are back on campus and I can be about the things I love to do: interacting with, learning with, and teaching students.

This term I am teaching a course on psychological principles applied to teaching and learning (EDUC 211/PSYC 214) in which we try to understand what it takes to become the best teachers ever.  I am also teaching a course on social issues in education (EDUC 365 /SOCI 365) in which we examine the challenges facing teachers and the teaching profession.  Sociology can be defined as "modernity striving for self-understanding" and this course seeks to understand the relationship between society and the education system.  Finally (yes, three courses...four classes!!) I am again teaching a course on the exceptional child in the regular classroom (EDUC / PSYC 310).  This course looks at all kinds of exceptional learning needs from those experienced by children who have intellectual delays  to those who are extraordinarily gifted - and in between those who have emotional or behavioural issues, attention deficit issues, autism, or various sensory or physical disabilities.  If you would like to know more about any one of these courses I would love to talk with you!  Send me an email.

Finally - for now - I recently gave a paper at a teachers' conference.  The paper was entitled: The imporance of being earnest: Meeting the Lord's requirements as inviting educators. At the session I was able to connect with a number of former students, including one from my first ever TWU class in 1990.

So, feel free to drop me a note.  I would love to visit with you and, perhaps, see you as one of my former students at a conference in 2026!!

Thanks for reading!

Live the faith.

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