Spring is here!

Spring has finally arrived.  Both the weather and workload signal this change. Once exams are graded and marks submitted, what on earth does a professor do?  Often friends comment on "having four months off" and sometimes I reply that yes that is the case (just to watch them turn green with envy).  In reality, spring and summer present different kinds of busyness from the hectic pace of the semester.  Previous blogs highlighted some of what occupied my time last summer.

This summer presents several opportunities that I hope will enrich my teaching.  The first is an opportunity to co-author a book with my colleague Dr. Allyson Jule.  Entitled, Learning to Teach, the book brings together essential knowledge for fledgling teachers.  It is also a good review for me.

Another exciting development is that TWU now offers an opportunity to make Special Education a teachable minor, approved by the College of Teachers. If you have read previous blogs you know that my research has examined the experience of Full Inclusion from the perspective of various stakeholders. I am excited that TWU will continue to be at the forefront of preparing teachers to meet the needs of exceptional students and so I need to revise several courses that will be part of that minor.

Looking to the Fall I am preparing some thoughts for three presentations to be made at the Northwest Christian Schools International - Christian Teachers Association of BC (NWCSCI/CTABC) Annual Conference.  There theme is: Be United, Be Renewed, Be Encouraged, Be Transformed and is based on Romans 12. 

So, those are some of the things that will keep my busy.  I trust you will have a great summer.  Should you have any contributions or questions I would love to hear from you (pudlas@twu.ca).

As always, live the faith.


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