Thinking about the secrets in your life

    What is the first thing that comes to mind when you reflect on the word “secret”?

    It might be a subject which you can only entrust to a small group of people, most likely those closest to you.

    A friend once told me that his definition of a secret is “something you tell people one person at a time.”  (I don’t think I’ll be sharing anything confidential with him!)

    I also recall a person at work telling me that he had little trouble keeping a secret, but it was a problem for the people to whom he told the secret.

    Some people, I have found, practically savor a secret – but they can hardly wait to share it with others.  These people are also attracted to gossip which can be a vicious way to furtively destroy another person.
    Doctors, police officers, teachers and counselors, for example, are all required to be highly confidential in their dealings – they know how to keep a secret
    As well as secrets at work, there can also be the less formal secrets we have in our families: a wayward child, a workaholic spouse, and a socially isolated sibling, are all instances of issues that we would rather not share with others.
    Some families shield matters so well – such as the suicide of a parent or grandparent, for example - that the family history is practically re-written.
    Individuals, too, have secrets.  A husband may have an intimate relationship with a younger woman at work; a university student might be submitting essays based upon “research” purchased from a website; and a businessman has an annual income which he only partially reports on his taxes.
    These are more vivid example of secrets that individuals choose not to reveal even to their closest friends.  
    Some others can be more subtle but similarly destructive.  The patterns of our behavior tend to separate us from who we are: it is as if we are living two lives: one public, one private.
    ragically, many people, it seems, go to great lengths to protect themselves from “being found out.”
    Celebrities are often the targets for such revelations and tabloid-type magazines take great pleasure in revealing the latest “secret” which has been exposed by an enterprising reporter.
    Most of us – if we are completely honest – have a secret or two, something that we would be uncomfortable revealing to those around us.  
    It may be an addiction to alcohol, an illegal drug, pornography, even fatty foods or shopping.
    The Bible speaks about this when it says, “The Lord can rescue you from the temptations that surround us.”
    God know us personally – he is never remote to those who earnestly seek him.
    Here is another encouraging verse: “But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.” (Sins are all the bad things you have done.)
    Christ, who was perfect, accepted death on a cross – once and for all – to take away your sin, and its power in your life.
    Don’t let your destructive habits defeat you – why not call upon God through Christ today?
    Now would be the perfect time to share your secrets with God and start a wonderful relationship with him – he is waiting for you to call out to him!




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