Do you love to sing? Have you ever wondered why??

For many people singing is fun. Some prefer to simply listen (how many people are watching Idol!?), while other prefer to sing. Yes, singing is a highly creative form of personal expression and communication. Through singing and other forms of music, ideas and feels can be communicated that go beyond words. How can this be? It's additionally amazing when you consider, from a scientific perspective, that singing is nothing more than jiggling sound waves! So if you are passionate about singing (and many students at TWU are!) you may wish to consider a reason that goes beyond personal expression or (at worst) mere selfish ambition?

Consider these incredible words from the book of Genesis 1:26. "God spoke: 'Let us make human beings in our image, make them reflecting our nature . . . '"

Did you know that you are made in the image of God? Did you know that you reflect His character? Being made in the image of God means there is something of His character that is stamped on our hearts. Every human being is made in the image of God, and this makes us special and unique in God's creation. If we read the book of Genesis, the first things we learn about God include that He "made" (i. e. He created) and that he "said" (i.e. He communicated). So if you bear the image of God, these characteristics are stamped on your heart.

Singing (and other forms or communication and creativity) is a natural expression of being made in the image of God. Singing is a process of making and re-making. In singing, we communicate and re-communicate. For young singers that I work with, understanding something of this mystery has given them added joy, courage and delight, as they pursue the art of singing. Your voice is made by God. Your instinct to sing also comes from God. Celebrate!

I'm working with professional singers and orchestra players in Kiev right now. In very recent years, many of them have come to Christ. Through Bible teaching they are learning about Christ, and later today, I'll be sharing Genesis 1:26 with them during a rehearsal of Haydn Creation. Many of my singers here are graduates of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music - the top music school in this part of the former Soviet Union - but until recently performances of the great sacred classics were banned. Yes, the "stamp" or the "image of God" crosses all cultures, languages and peoples and when I see in their eyes and body language great joy as they rehearse wonderful music I get goosebumps. They are reflecting the image of God, through their creativity and communication. Does this give you a glimpse, perhaps at another level, why I love singing so much?

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