Working at TWU is a pleasure

I enjoy working at Trinity Western University for a number of reasons. Of great significance is the privilege of integrating Christian faith with my discipline. Did you know that a majority of the greatest choral masterpieces are sacred, using texts that explore great themes of the Christian faith? I love introducing our talented TWU students to these wonderful and timeless pieces of music. In the process, students from all majors have the privilege of doing something that is spiritually significant and enriching. Students have the privilege of being part of a unique singing community, where they make deep friendships through sharing a common cause.

I also enjoy working at TWU because it gives me the opportunity to do scholarly work. This happens mostly during the summer months. In my discipline, scholarly work is in the performing arts - primarily conducting. In early May I had the privilege of planning and guest conducting a concert with the Vancouver Chamber Choir. I invited our own wonderful Ay Laung Wang (she is the Assistant Conductor of the TWU Choirs and a TWU alum) into this concert as guest organist. The concert will be broadcast across Canada on "Choral Concert," Sunday morning, June 22, CBC fm. Perhaps you might tune in while you drive to church. The concert was called "Songs of Faith and Home," and included music from many countries, in many languages. The Vancouver Chamber Choir is simply amazing!

TWU Choirs enjoy a warm relationship with this wonderful professional choir, and TWU Choirs have frequently performed with VCC in recent years.

My scholarly work now has me in Kiev. This is a fascinating place - a new democracy! On Saturday night, June 14, in the HUGE city square called Maidan I'll go hear Paul McCartney sing. But I'm not here as a player in his band. I'm here guest conducting another band - the Kiev Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. The orchestra includes professors from the Kiev Conservatory of Music; the top conservatory in this part of the world. Our performance of Haydn Creation (on Monday, June 16) will be unique in several ways. For many years communism banned such works. Now, the new freedom from communism allows performances of these masterpieces. The work has been translated into Ukrainian, so every person will understand every word; "In the beginning God made heaven and earth." It's such a privilege to be able to do scholarly work that touches people's hearts with the Good News!"

I also love working at TWU because of a unique atmosphere. Something truly remarkable happens, when students from many majors, from many countries, and from many backgrounds, come together in our TWU family of choirs.

Kim (my wife) and I care deeply about our students. We count it a privilege and responsibility to encourage them and challenge them in their faith. If you're interested in a quality singing experience that has significant meaning and worth, please come and visit me during orientation week in September. We will have clear information about our choral projects for the fall semester - and what's on the horizon is terrific!




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