Rebecca Haines (’05)

“I felt safe to think at TWU. Sometimes I was the liberal, sometimes the conservative, sometimes the heretic, but at least in the classroom, I never felt wrong—I just felt constantly challenged to think.  I work for a human rights organization in Washington, DC. I focus on development and conflict mediation in Islamic countries.”
~ Rebecca Haines (’05)

Jonathan Auxier (’03)

“TWU’s English department gave me invaluable thinking skills that can transfer to any arena.” ~ Jonathan Auxier (’03)

Yael (Ellie) Pritz(’03)

“Only when I began my graduate studies did I really understand the high academic standard practiced by the English department at TWU—my graduate course (sadly) didn’t even compare. I realize now what an incredible difference it makes when professors teach out of conviction.” ~ Yael (Ellie) Pritz(’03)

Luke Johnson (’01)

“I am a full-time Law student at UBC.” ~ Luke Johnson (’01)

Michelle VanBalkom (’99)

“I am an ESL instructor in South Korea; I am a Team Leader of an editing department that does curriculum development for over 10,000 students.”
~ Michelle VanBalkom (’99)


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