Graduate Programs

As part of the M.A. in Interdisciplinary Humanities (MAIH), we offer graduate courses in areas of special interest to students going on to a Ph.D. in English.

The Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Humanities (English, history and philosophy) is an interdisciplinary, post-baccalaureate program, with a thesis or a non-thesis option. The 36-semester hour M.A. program may be completed in one year or over several years on a part-time basis. It combines the disciplines of English, history, and philosophy to analyze significant aspects of Western culture from a literary, philosophical/ideological, and historical perspective. It specifically focuses on themes of cultural formation such as humanity's purpose in the world; the values, traditions, morals, and belief systems that inform personal and corporate relationships; and the context within which communities function.

The program explores worldviews that can aid future leaders to understand the interconnectedness of that which is outside ourselves, of that which we are, and of that which is created. The cross-disciplinary integration of faith and learning, focused on but not limited to Christian thought and action, will encourage students to explore and examine the ideals of truth, virtue, and beauty.

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