Department of History

Darren Provost, PhD, Coordinator

The study of History at Trinity Western University embodies the academic mission of the institution, to create a vigorous academic environment that encourages the development of knowledge, skills and values that characterize leaders who can shape and define society today.   Through analyzing processes of change, the development of ideas, peoples, and environments, and viewing the past from political, economic, social, intellectual and cultural perspectives it is our aim to encourage a love for wisdom, virtue and beauty.  The theories and methods encountered in the discipline of History help students understand how humans have developed their perspectives of the past, and this awareness enables them to arrive at more balanced interpretations and conclusions about the present.  We desire to train historically aware people whom are able to make informed decisions, citizens of character that contribute in positive and constructive ways to the health and welfare of their communities.

Permanent Full-Time Faculty in the Department of History include:

Robert Burkinshaw, PhD
Robynne Healey, PhD See CV
Darren Provost, PhD
Bruce Shelvey, PhD