International Studies

Welcome to Trinity Western University's International Studies degree! 

International Studies is an interdisciplinary program that combines courses in Political Studies, History, Economics, and several other disciplines, focusing specifically on the international level.  It harnesses the skills and expertise of a variety of professors in many areas to introduce you to the various ways in which the world works. 

Key features of TWU's International Studies program include:

  • an extensive variety of courses that will expose the student to international studies in its many different forms.  These include such diverse topics as cross-cultural communication, challenges in international development, the formulation of foreign policy, the history of international conflict, and the operation of international institutions.
  • the ability to specialize in a particular aspect of international relations.  We have four general tracks, of which all students must choose one.  International Affairs and Global Policy focuses upon the high politics of international relations and the formulation of foreign policy.  International Development and Cultural Change takes aim at the problems of international development from an organizational and political perspective, as well as exposing students to the evolution of modern global society.  International Political Economy deepens the student's understanding of international economic processes and provides insight into the ways domestic and international economics interrelate.  Finally, students may opt to specialize in linguistics with a view to completing a certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language in the Linguistics and TESL track. 
  • access to a myriad of different travel study and study abroad options, or a semester at Trinity Western's Laurentian Leadership CentreStudents in the International Studies program have enjoyed opportunities in various places around the world, from the Middle East to Latin America.  They can also enjoy semester-long placements at important government offices, non-governmental organizations, and foreign embassies in Canada's capital.