Modern Language students have gone into a large number of fields, including teaching, where graduates with French, in particular, are in high demand. Here are some other examples:

Lise van der Eyk (BA English 2010) completed a minor in French as well as German 201/202. She is currently enrolled in the binational MA program "Interkulturelle Studien. Deutschland und Frankreich" (Études interculturelles franco-allemandes) at the University of Freiburg (Germany) and the École normale supérieure (Lyon, France), a highly interdisciplinary program in the humanities and social sciences, where she is specializing in German studies (history of ideas). She is particularly interested in translation, as well as academic publishing in a multilingual context.
She says, "I recall with gratitude above all the confidence shown in me by professors in the department who in some cases went out of their way to ensure I was getting the most out of their classes, as well as the personal interest shown in my development, an interest that has continued beyond my graduation from TWU. The solid foundation in writing skills that I acquired in both French and English literature courses has stood me in good stead, helping me to succeed even in other university/cultural contexts."

Alix Funk (B.A. in Modern Languages 2008), won the Governor General’s Silver Medal for her outstanding academic work. She  then worked for a missionary organization in France and was accepted into the Trilingual Branch of an M.A. program in Advanced European and International Studies at the Institut Européen des Hautes Études, for the fall of ’09. She took courses in Nice, Berlin, Rostock, and Rome.

Erik Anonby (PhD Leiden) completed his B.A. and M.A. in Linguistics at TWU, also winning the Governor General’s award. He was enthusiastic about learning French as well as linguistics, taking courses at TWU and in Quebec. He states, “Studying the French language enabled me to live, communicate and work in French-speaking African countries where I was involved in translation and language development for several years. Modern Languages are extremely useful alongside linguistics studies for those interested in a cross-cultural career.”

Amy (Mochar) Anquist (B.A. in Modern Languages 2009) wants to work into translation, an important field of work in Canada, particularly in Ottawa. She has been accepted into a M.A. program in translation at the University of Sheffield in England. She says, “Since I was very young languages have fascinated me. I love being able to communicate with people in their own language and hearing other languages being spoken. After finishing my degree in Modern Languages I plan to pursue a master's degree in translation. Translation is like problem solving to me, finding a way to communicate by transposing words into another language and another culture, and I find the process very satisfying.”

Anna Shimer (Spanish minor 2008) is pastoring a church in Peru.

Amelia Kirkland (Spanish minor 2008) is teaching Spanish in a private school in Lynden, Washington.

Francisco Grajales (Spanish minor 2008) is doing a PhD in Public Health Medicine at UBC and contributing articles to a Spanish Journal. He did an internship with UNICEF in Geneva in the summer of 2009.

Liz Shaub (Spanish minor 2006) worked in an orphanage in Guatemala. This past year she has been a volunteer teacher at an organization in Quito, Ecuador. Next year she will be doing a Masters in TESL in Spanish at the University of San German in Puerto Rico (to teach English to speakers of Spanish).

Caleb Ng (Spanish minor 2006) is working with Missionary Aviation Fellowship in Mali, West Africa.

Angela Strikwerda (2008) took German 201 and 202. She was able to secure a summer position as a flight attendant with Air Canada (Toronto-Frankfurt route) due to her knowledge of German.

Neil Zielsdorf (B.A. in Linguistics TESL minor 2010) took Chinese 101, 102 and 201 at TWU. He says, "I am now working for a third tier international university called Sias  in Xinzheng, Henan province. I use the Chinese that I have learnt at TWU every day since all of the store owners only speak Chinese. This summer ( 2011) I am moving to a new contract with the North China University of Water Conservancy and Electric Power in Zhengzhou."

Kristina Bennett (B.A. in Linguistics 2008) took Chinese 101 and 102.  After graduation she has taught English to Chinese elementary and middle school students at English Language Institute in China. She is so thankful for the foundation of Chinese language she received at Trinity.