Chez Vous

Of the Jacques Lefevre Institute

Connect through Friendships

Located in Franceville just 2 and a half hours from Paris, along the Normandy coast of France. Here you will stay in a small town full of opportunities such as an open-air market, cafes, and shops where you can practice your French language skills on a daily basis.

A buddy program allows you to forge a deeper relationship with a French person by providing a volunteer who will spend a few hours with you each week to show you around in Normandy.

At church you will be connected with some of the few Christians in the area to further exercise your French.

Connect through Worship and Service

Three service projects provide opportunities for you to show the love of Christ by meeting needs in the local community and in one of the few evangelical churches of Lower Normandy.

French chapel and church involvement enable you to worship and to experience your faith in a French context and with French believers.

Connect through History and Culture