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This major is designed for students extremely interested in Europe, in particular those drawn by its rich cultural heritage and the major changes occurring on a political, economic, social, and spiritual level. By focusing on courses in European language, history, and culture, this major will help equip students to confidently fulfill the University’s mission and God’s calling on their lives in a European setting or in fields relating to Europe.

Understanding Europe is also a critical factor in understanding North America, because much of our culture is rooted and grounded in European civilization, including ideas on government and human dignity. In addition, the historic presence of Christianity in Europe, as well as reactions against it in more modern times, represent important areas to explore for students wanting to understand and interact with today’s world in the context of their faith.

The European Studies major is comprised of courses in various areas of European studies, with three streams leading to a major: the Language stream, the History stream, and the English Literature and Fine Arts stream.

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Please check the Academic Calendar for full course listings and further information on the three streams in the European Studies Major. Students: to see current or upcoming listings, please check the course timetable on Student Portal. For any other inquiries, please consult one of our contacts listed below.

Contact Information

Dr. Kelsey Haskett, Chair of the Department of World Languages and Cultures
Ludmilla Plenits, Faculty Assistant

Offices located in RNT Upper (east wing)