Sabine Zimmermann, M.B.A.

Part-time Instructor in German

Having grown up in Germany, Sabine Zimmermann immigrated to Canada in 1989 to commence studies in Business at the University of British Columbia, after high school and three years of bank work in Koblenz, Germany. She graduated from UBC with a B. Com. in 1993 (honor roll). During her undergraduate years at UBC, she also completed some senior level courses in German language and literature. She subsequently enrolled at Simon Fraser University and completed an M.B.A. degree on a full fellowship. She worked in junior and senior account management positions for two different financial institutions in the Vancouver area from 1995 to 2001, at which time she decided to spend more time raising her young children at home. Starting in January 2003, she has been working as a part-time sessional instructor of German (beginner's and intermediate level) at TWU, where she excels in bringing her first hand cross-cultural experience to the classroom. Sabine and her husband Jens (TWU professor) visit Germany every summer with their family.