Offered: Major in World Languages and Cultures


The Major in World Languages and Cultures is comprised of a combination of language courses offered by the department. We currently offer courses in French, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese. In this major, students must complete a minor in each of French and Spanish, as well as do further language credits in these or other languages. Our courses focus both on language acquisition and culture. As students learn to communicate cross-culturally, they come to appreciate those who see the world with other eyes. And by preparing themselves to interact with other linguistic groups around the globe, they are also positioning themselves to fulfill the great commission of going into all the world with Christ’s love.

This major could lead to careers in such areas as teaching, missions, translation, work in government or diplomacy, humanitarian service projects and international organizations.

Further Course Information

The major consists of a total of 60 sem. hrs. of courses in World Languages and Cultures. The student must take the equivalent of a minor (24 sem. hrs.) in each of two languages (French and Spanish). The remaining 12 sem. hrs. (four courses) may be taken in these or other languages. A minimum of 24 sem. hrs. must be numbered 300 or above. Please check the specific language pages listed on the left hand menu for more information.

For More Information . . .

Please check the Academic Calendar online for full course listings and detailed description of major in World Languages and Cultures. Students: to see current or upcoming listings, please check the course timetable on Student Portal. For any other inquiries, please consult one of our contacts listed below.

Contact Information

Dr. Kelsey Haskett, Chair of the Department of World Languages and Cultures
Ludmilla Plenits, Faculty Assistant

Offices located in RNT Upper (east wing)