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The study of Spanish opens the door to rich, vibrant cultures known for their literature, music, and films. TWU’s Spanish Program focuses on both language acquisition and an introduction to Hispanic countries and cultures.

Nearly twenty countries—including Spain and numerous Central and South American nations—list Spanish as the official language of the people. As the Hispanic population in North America grows, the acquisition of Spanish in the university classroom becomes increasingly important. The geographical proximity of Latin America makes Spanish an ideal language for those interested in mission trips, travel, and new cultural experiences. Understanding Spanish is also a great asset both politically and economically, particularly because of trade agreements such as NAFTA.

Information about our Courses

TWU presently offers a minor and a concentration in Spanish. Each Spanish course includes both language practice and a wide variety of cultural elements. Labs are held in the World Languages and Cultures Multimedia lab, where videos and websites are used to enhance learning. As students advance, they gain proficiency in the basic skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening comprehension, while at the same time being introduced to Spanish literature. Our goal is to give students a love for the language and to prepare them both culturally and linguistically to interact with peoples of Hispanic cultures.

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Please check the Academic Calendar for full course listings in Spanish. Students: to see current or upcoming listings, please check the course timetable on Student Portal. For any other inquiries, please consult one of our contacts listed below.

Contact Information

Dr. Kelsey Haskett, Chair of the Department of World Languages and Cultures
Prof. Silvia Brynjolfson, Spanish Coordinator
Ludmilla Plenits, Faculty Assistant

Offices located in RNT Upper (east wing)