BCPSA Conference 2011
"Politics in Transformation"BC Legislature

Official Programme
5-6 May 2011 

Thursday 5 May 2011

8:45 AM – registration and welcome, Upper Floor RNT

9:15-10:30 AM first panel

1.  Political Theory, RNT 235

Doug Jarvis (Carleton), “The Fatalistic Anxiety of Sexual Desire and the Moral Question of Authority in Periods of Political Change:  a comparative analysis of Saint Augustine and Sigmund Freud”

Tobold Rollo (Toronto), “Confounding Democracy:  how a preoccupation with speech and protest obscures the roots of democratic legitimacy”

Barrie McCullough (UBCO), “John Locke and Adam Smith on Slavery”

2.  Chinese Politics, RNT 234

Jason Lacharite, UNBC, “Democratization, Free Trade, and Political Reform in China: Prospects, Problems, and Canada’s Role?”

David Ding, Department of Political Science, UBC Okanagan Campus, “The recent CCP Central Committee meeting and China’s leadership succession system”

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break – Upper RNT Lounge Area

11:00-12:15 PM second panel

3.  Public Policy, RNT 235

Michael Howlett (SFU), “Policy Analysis and Multi-Level Governance:  the nature of policy work in federal states”

Mark Crawford (Athabasca), “The Study of Project Management in Canadian Public Administration”

Julie MacArthur, Joshua Newman, and Heather Whiteside (SFU), “Trend or Transformation:  the private sector and evolving forms of health, power, and transport governance in British Columbia”

4.  Global Economy and Trade Policy, RNT 234

Robert Farkasch (American Military University). “WTO Reforms and the Varying Impact of Agricultural Price Supports on LCSs”

Peter (Jay) Smith (Athabasca), “Faith and International Political Economy – Religious Critiques of Neo-liberal Globalization – the USSF 2010 and WSF 2011 Dakar Compared”

12:15 – 1:30 PM Lunch - Upper RNT lounge area

1:30-2:45 third panel

5.  Cultural and Social Aspects of Policy:  Health Care and Indigenous Politics

Peter G. Prontzos (Langara) “The Social Determinants of Health:  a Global Perspective”

Stephen Gold (Alberta), “Investigating Cultural Resiliency to Inform Social Transformation”

Danielle Kooy (TWU), “Invoking the Maternal:  Canada’s Legal Understanding of Pregnancy”

2:45-3:45 PM Coffee Break and BCPSA AGM RNT 237

3:45 – 5:00 PM fourth panel

6.  Public Policy in the Urban Environment RNT 234

Carey Doberstein (Toronto), “Institutional Creation and Death:  urban development agreements in Canada”

Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly and Ian Madison (UVic), “The International Activities of Canadian Cities – are Canadian cities challenging the gate-keeper position of the federal executive in international affairs?”

7.  Canadian Politics Roundtable:  Election 2011 Postmortem RNT 235

John Dyck (TWU)
Scott Fast (UFV)
Patrick Smith (SFU)
Hamish Telford (UFV)

6 PM – Keynote Lecture with Mr. Justice Marshall Rothstein - Redwoods Golf Course, 22011 88th Avenue, Langley
"Religious Pluralism and the Rule of Law in Canada"
Cosponsored by the Religion, Culture, and Conflict Research Group at TWU and JoyTV
Dinner to follow.

Friday 6 May 2011

9:00-12:00 AM Political Science Articulation Meetings RNT 237

9:00-10:15 AM fifth panel RNT 234

8.  Environmental Politics

James Gaede (Carleton), "Realism and the Politics of the Future for Sustainable Energy"

Tina Sikka (SFU), “The Politics of Geoengineering”

9.  Roundtable:  Court Politics (response to Rothstein address) RNT 235

John Dyck (TWU)
Darren Provost (TWU)
Paul Rowe (TWU)
Jens Zimmermann (TWU)

10:15-10:45 AM Coffee Break Upper RNT Lounge Area

10:45-12:00 PM sixth panel RNT 235

10.  Framing Comparative Foreign Policies

Timothy P. Came (UBC), “Politics of Transformation:  the George W. Bush Administration’s Attempt to Transform the Armed Forces”

Romalie Murphy (TWU), “’Over all nations is humanity’:  the idea of human security in Canada’s past”

David Parker (TWU), “Perpetuating Sovereignty:  a new approach to the Arctic sovereignty debate”

11.  Comparative Politics RNT 234

Svetlana Inkina (Toronto), “Why Reforms Fail:  the role of ideas, interests and institutions”

Nathan Allen (UBC), “The Transformation of Party Systems in New Democracies”

12:00 - 1:30 PM Lunch - Upper RNT Lounge Area

1:30 – 2:45 PM Keynote Plenary with Joel Migdal – Freedom Hall, RNT

Joel Migdal, Robert F. Philip Professor of International Studies, University of Washington
“The Transformation of the Middle East”