Religious Studies

 Dr. Kent Clarke, Chair

The Department of Religious Studies offers:

  • Major in Religious Studies leading to a B.A. degree
  • Major in Biblical Studies leading to a B.A. degree
  • Major in Christianity and Culture leading to a B.A. degree
  • Major in Inter-Cultural Studies leading to a B.A. degree
  • Honours program in Biblical Studies, leading to a B.A. (Honours) degree
  • A concentration
  • A minor

Spirituality and society, biblical and historical texts. Religions and theologies. From business to culture, from politics to media, everything in today's world is touched by religious faith.

Through Trinity Western University's religious studies department, you'll examine the Christian faith and all its dimensions - helping you deepen your perspective on its origins and followers. You'll investigate various theories and criticisms of the Bible, which will lead to a critical yet biblical worldview. In the end, you can discern how truth, love and justice intersect.

A major in religious studies provides broad exposure to three areas of study: biblical studies, Christianity and culture and intercultural religious studies. You can also take a degree program in each of these three areas through the religious studies department.  

The type of courses you will find here vary from language courses such as Greek and Hebrew, to courses in theology and the history of Christianity to courses on the religions of the world.

The professors are committed, evangelical scholars, many of whom are known experts in the field of religious studies. Through their own scholarly research, they are enthused and inspired by the Bible's message. They'll encourage you to apply your studies to your own journey of faith. 

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