Welcome to the Sociology Department

What is Sociology?

Sociology is the study of human interaction, culture, social institutions, and social change. Sociology is an excellent choice for students who want to understand something about social life including human interaction, groups and organizations, social structure, and how society changes.

Our program is especially concerned with worldwide changes commonly referred to as globalization. A global perspective allows students to understand worldwide changes and consider a variety of responses to global change.

Program Objectives

  • Students who study sociology will be able to understand society, culture, social interaction, and human activity.
  • Critically evaluate global society and think about possible responses to social issues.
  • Develop basic research skills.
  • Actively engage the world from a Christian perspective on society and culture.
  • Grain employment in areas like human services, research and polling organizations, social service agencies, non governmental and governmental organizations, and entrance into professional programs like law, seminary, human services, social work, and sociology.

 Sociology Options

  • BA Major in Sociology (42 sem. hrs)
  • Human Services stream (30 sem. hrs)
  • Concentration (30 sem. hrs)
  • Minor (24 sem. hrs)

NOTE: Sociology 101 Introduction to Sociology fulfills the Society & Culture core requirement


Michael Wilkinson, Ph.D. - Sociology Coordinator (Michael.Wilkinson@twu.ca)