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All program faculty are proven transformational servant leaders in business organizations and in the classroom, an essential quality for a program committed to applied leadership development. As well, the faculty are well versed in current leadership research and inter-disciplinary literature.

 Ruth Anaya web

Ruth Anaya     M.A., D Litt et Phil (cand.)

Ruth Anaya is a professional communication and leadership specialist in intercultural, multicultural and international contexts. She has extensive knowledge and global experience of public institutions and contemporary issues. She teaches in the area of anthropology, linguistics, and social and economic development, and directs annual travel study programs in Kenya, Guatemala and Belize. Ruth is a nominee for the Presidential Development Award (Kenya) 2010, and won the Dean’s Innovative Teaching Award (2005) from Trinity Western University. She is the co-founder of Hands-On Development Initiatives International, and founding director of the Canadian Board for Childcare Worldwide Canada.

 Bill Beatty

Bill Beatty     M.A.

Leadership Responsibilities include: Projects Director, Business and Economic Development Division, S.U.C.C.E.S.S. (Vancouver’s major Chinese community service organization) Total staff:  approx. 20. 

Chief Executive Officer, Sustainable Employment Network Inc. (Social Enterprise); Manager, Community Innovations Inc (Social Enterprise). 

Major Presentations/publications include: Tomorrows Workplace:  Business Development Project, Co-Author/Presenter:  Employers Guide and Evaluation Guide; Food For Thought:  Co-Author, Youth Leadership Curriculum; Major Proposal Work:  Entrepreneurial and Program Contracts, approximate value $4m.

 Murray MacTavish

Murray MacTavish     MBA; Ph.D.

Dr. Murray MacTavish is the director of the MBA program and Associate Professor of Leadership and International Development in the School of Business at Trinity Western University. He is also Director of the International Development Studies minor.  MacTavish joined the TWU faculty in 2007 with a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Pennsylvania State University. He has been teaching in undergraduate and graduate level programs since 1991, and has been a guest lecturer in Haiti, Australia, and China.

MacTavish’s interest in the development of values-based leaders across the globe has resulted in a long list of publications and professional conference presentations.  During his earlier work in developing entrepreneurial leaders, he co-founded the Chester Entrepreneurship Camps and the Detroit Center for Entrepreneurship. . MacTavish travels to Asia several times a year to conduct leadership research and seminars in his role as Director of the Leadership in Enterprise for Asian Development (LEAD) program which delivers executive seminars to high-level business and government leaders across China.

 Kirk Mitchell

Kirk Mitchell    M.A.; MBA; DPA

Kirk Mitchell is a certified health executive with the Canadian College of Health Services Executives. He conducts policy research on strategic issues and priorities facing the Canadian health system. He serves as a Regional Systems Surveyor for the Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation. His public service work includes serving as an editorial board member for the Management Forum, the publication of the Canadian College of Health Services Executives.

Mitchell has worked in health administration and planning roles for more than 25 years in the Canadian health system. His experience includes community health services, long-term care, mental health and acute care. Mitchell currently works as a strategic management consultant and operates an independent consulting practice. In recent years, his consulting work has taken on a collaborative approach with other consultants and groups to better meet the needs of clients with complex projects. His consulting work emphasizes assisting clients to create services that are client centered, evidence-based and outcomes focused. Recent projects include: governance models, development and evaluation and design/redesign of integrated service delivery systems. Mitchell is the Interim Program Director for the MA in Leadership program at Trinity Western University.

Daryl Page


Daryl Page     M.A.

Daryl Page’s areas of expertise include leadership development, teambuilding within organizations, recreation and play design, development and programming.  Page began teaching at Trinity Western University in 1996. He is the coordinator for the BA in Sport and Leisure Management and Bachelor of Human Kinetics stream. He also coordinates all the Human Kinetics leadership experiences. Aside from teaching, Page has been involved in consulting and advising non-profit and business organizations including the Royal Bank, Obie Media, Maple Ridge School District, and the Suzuki Foundation. Most recently, Page helped coordinate the design of the first wellness park in Canada intended for seniors. He has presented at the Canadian Recreation Parks Association National Conference and the American Society for Landscape Architects National Conference. Page also sits on the advisory committee for Landscape Structures and the International Playground Company. He has co-authored team building training manuals that are used in businesses, nonprofit organizations, and schools.

Stan Remple

Stan Remple     MSW; MPH; DMHA; Ph.D.

Awarded the Governor General's Award for his contribution to communities, citizens, and Canada. Dr. Remple has served as deputy minister and assistant deputy minister in two provinces, executive director of Treasury Board Staff in British Columbia, president of Leadership Strategies consulting company, director of the M.A. in Leadership program at Trinity Western University, and director of the China business leadership development project. He is currently responsible for the eMAL project.  Dr. Remple has sat on numerous boards, and worked on four continents. Remple has given many presentations at international conferences and workshops, and has taught at TWU for ten years.

Vern Storey




Vern Storey    M.Ed.;  Ed.D.

Dr. Vern Storey served as the Executive Vice President of Trinity Western University; Superintendent of BC School District 1; School District 62; and as Professor of Leadership Studies at the University of Victoria. While at UVic, he served for terms as chair of two academic departments and as Director of Continuing Studies in Education. He is presently Professor Emeritus of Leadership Studies University of Victoria. He is an adjunct professor in the M.A. of Leadership program at Trinity Western University. Storey has also served as a principal, and school superintendent. He has been involved in governance, administration, and consulting in schools, school districts, non-profit organizations, and a university. Awarded a B.C. Ministry of Education research grant leading to publication of the book Learning to Teach: Teacher Preparation in Victoria, British Columbia. He has been the recipient of many awards and grants. He is an author of many books, articles, and has given presentations both in Canada and abroad.

David Williaume

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­David Williaume     M.A.; MTS; Ph.D.

Dr. David Williaume brings 29 years of teaching and administrative experience from kindergarten through Grade 12 in a wide variety of school settings including federal, provincial and Christian schools in Canada, Kenya and the United States. He recently completed a Ph.D.; Educational Studies program at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. His dissertation was entitled Factors and Processes of Perspective Transformation Contributing to Intercultural Competence:  Insider and Outsider Perspectives. The research rests heavily on social identity theory, Bennett’s model of learning intercultural competence, Mezirow’s model of transformative learning, and Hiebert’s conception of the critical contextualization. He currently is the Coordinator of Scholarship Initiatives, Non-Profit Stream Coordinator, and Education Stream Coordinator for Trinity Western University's Master of Arts in Leadership program. He also teaches Educational Leadership and Change and Research Methods.

Randy Wollf

Randy Wollf     M.A.; M.R.E.; Ph.D.

Dr. Randy Wollf teaches graduate level courses in the Master of Arts in Leadership program at Trinity Western University. He is also president and chief editor at PaperLift, an internet-based document editing business. Randy is a leadership coach, trainer and consultant and has been a leader in non-profit organizations for the past 21 years. In addition, Wollf and his family lived in Thailand for eight months in 2009-2010, serving with Power to Change. Wollf earned a Ph.D. in Educational Studies (with a focus on organizational leadership) and a Master of Arts in Adult Education from the University of British Columbia. He also holds a Masters in Religious Education and an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Trinity Western University. Wollf is the recipient of the Governor General’s Gold Medal for academic excellence. He is a regular presenter at conferences and various training events.

Tina Wu

Tina Wu     MSW; Ph.D.

Dr. Tina Wu is a committed and goal-oriented teacher, researcher and clinical counselor/social worker who strives for excellence to improve a family’s quality of life through education and research. She has extensive experience as an educator and a consultant for cross-cultural settings in Taiwan, the United States, and Canada. Her areas of expertise include research methods, measurement and statistics, cross-cultural clinical counseling, evaluation and case management. She was named Top 100 Educators in 2010 by IBC of Cambridge. She was also presented with the Best Trainer Award from the United Way of Taiwan. She is a consultant for BC Health Executive Leader Services and an editorial board member for the Journal of Health Service Insights, Libertas Academica of New Zealand. 

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