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Biotech Student Researches a Cure For Cancer

"Second year Trinity Western University biotechnology major Rebecca Robertson prepares solutions that will be used by researchers hunting cancer cures. Robertson has just completed two weeks working at Vancouver’s Jack Bell Research Centre assisting and learning from physician and scientist Dr. Bill Salh." story

Co-op Student Researches New Methods for Chicken Farming

"Third year TWU science major Johannes Dworzak looks like a pro as he works in the Neova Technologies Inc. R&D Bioprotection Laboratory in Abbotsford. Wearing a white lab coat and safety glasses, he blends in easily with the rest of the scientists, except for the red "co-op" lettering on his coat." story

Student Biotech Network Annual Kick-Off 08/09

"Building Biotech: The Makings Of A Great Idea" presents two guest speakers, a question and answer period, rountable mentorship and includes dinner; takes place on Thursday September 25th...see flyer

TWU announces BIOTECHNOLOGY major

"Are the foods you eat safe? Will dinosaurs roam the earth once again as in Jurassic Park? Are we moving towards a superhuman race as in Gattaca? Biotechnology can help to answer these and other compelling questions but while it is the furthest reaching and fastest growing area of science it remains largely unknown. Trinity Western University hopes to change that and is pleased to announce that it is offering a new biotechnology major" story

TWU's Zero Waste Challenge...and Biotechnology's Role

"It's not just food waste in the cafeteria that TWU is working to reduce.The newly launched biotechnology department under professor Julia Mills is looking to conduct a feasibility study on different types of compostable cutlery.The biotechnology department is hoping to begin the study in early 2009" full article (Langley Advance).

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