This program, which includes a concentration in biotechnology and (at least) a minor in business administration, provides students with science and business perspectives of the biotechnology industry. This program is for students intending a career in the biotechnology industry with an emphasis on management and a good understanding of scientific issues. For further studies, completion of a major in business administration is recommended.

Requirements for Biotechnology Interdisciplinary Major

1. Admission into the Interdisciplinary B.Sc. Biotechnology and Business Administration program requires a minimum overall GPA of 2.0 over the first semester of study in a science program (e.g., BIOL 113, CHEM 111, MATH 101, ENGL 103, UNIV 101, BUS 111) with a minimum GPA of 2.5 in all science courses. Graduation requires a minimum of C for all courses and an overall GPA of 2.5 for all science courses.

2. Electives must include 6 sem. hrs. of upper level credit.

3. A total of 122 sem. hrs. plus 2 co-op placements must be completed.

General Graduation Requirements

Biology and Biotechnology 33
Business Administration 24
CMPT (see note below with repsect to required computing) as needed
Chemistry 111, 112 6
Economics 201 3
ENGL 103, 104 6
Fine Arts 3
History 3
Human Kinetics (incl. HKIN 190) 4
IDIS 102 1
MATH 101 or 120 3
NATS 487, 490 3
Philosophy 210 3
Religious Studies (101, 102; Biblical Content; Christianity and Inter-Cultural Studies) 12
Society and Culture 3
UNIV 101 1
Required Intern 3
Electives 11
Total 122

*Note that with respect to CMPT courses students are simply expected to be competent in the use of Microsoft Office Suite, i.e. MS Word - Word Processing, Excel - Spreadsheets, MS Access - Data Base and PowerPoint presentation software, for use in their second year and subsequent Business classes. Those students who need to enhance their ability to work with these computer modules should do so by taking classes offered by the Computing Science department including CMPT 112 (Word Processor), CMPT 122 (Data Base), CMPT 125 (Spreadsheet), and CMPT 127 (PowerPoint).

Specific Requirements

The following Biology, Biotechnology, and Business courses are required:

Principles of Biology (BIOL 113, 114) or General Biology (BIOL 103, 104 and 105)
Cell Biology (BIOL 223)
Microbiology (BIOL 333 or 334)
Immunology (BIOL 336)
Genetics or Biochemistry (BIOL 371 or 384) Note: BIOL 384 requires CHEM 221/222 as prerequisites.
Molecular Genetics (BIOL 372)

Biotechnology Practicum I (BIOT 100)
Biotechnology Practicum II (BIOT 200)
Introduction to Biotechnology (BIOT 290)
Biotechnology and Christian Theology (BIOT 390)
Genomics, Proteomics, Bioinformatics (BIOT 470)
Advanced Biotechnology (BIOT 490)

Introduction to Business and Management (BUSI 111)
Principles of Accounting (BUSI 221, 222)
Quantitative Methods (BUSI 271)
Organizational Behaviour (BUSI 280)
Basic Marketing (BUSI 331)
Business Finance (BUSI 342)
Business Law (BUSI 345)