Melissa Doroshuck/ Warwick ('01)  After graduating I spent 2 and half years in Japan teaching English. I returned to Vernon, BC Canada in late 2003 and married my wonderful husband in 2004. In 2005 (till mid 2007) I worked for the Sterile Insect Release Program. It's a program that uses nature friendly techniques to control codling moth, which is BC fruits industry's most damaging and costly pest. Prior to SIR orchardists needed to apply harmful organophosphate pesticides up to 5 times a season to control codling moth, which raised environmental and health concerns with workers and the public. A successful SIR Program will substantially reduce the amount of toxic pesticides currently used to control codling and that means a more competitive fruit industry and healthier local environment for everyone. I left this job in mid 2007 to have a beautiful baby girl named Kiana who is 15 months now!

Jim Armstrong ('01) is the Senior Environmental Biologist within the Utility Analysis and Environmental Division of the Policy and Planning Department of the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) where his main tasks are associated with environmental management, including design of wastewater monitoring programs, environmental impact assessments, ambient monitoring programs and development of new scientific monitoring methods. Currently he is completing his M.Sc. in Environment and Management at Royal Roads University and is the new Regional Director of BC for the Canadian Society of Environmental Biologists. He is also excited at becoming a grandfather at the end of January 2007!

Paul Davidson ('01) is a teacher in the Langley (BC) School District, specializing in environmental science education.

Lyn Azar ('02) went to work immediately after graduation for the California Fish Health Survey, conducting assessments of fish health in streams of the Sierra-Nevada range.

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