Jillian (Vander Woude) Bainard ('03) & Luke Bainard ('03) Jillian competed a MSc program at the University of Guelph, studying bryophyte genome size and Luke completed his MSc at UBC and then onto a PhD program at the University of Guelph, studying mycorrhizae. Both enjoyed their time spent in Guelph, and successfully completed their doctoral research in the fall of 2011. Luke immediately started a postdoctoral fellowship at the Semiarid Prairie Agricultural Research Centre in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, where he is currently conductng research on the soil biology of agricultural systems. Jillian has been doing long-distance postdoctoral research with an advisor at the University of Guelph, continuing her research on genome size variation in plants.

Jon Berg ('03) is currnetly working as an aquatic scientist for a consulting company in Seattle.  His tasks are quite variable, and include: storm water and combined sewer overflow monitoring; fisheries studies; hydrology studies; flow monitoring for green roof engineering; stream habitat monitoring; biological assessments; and studies on the effects of hydroelectric dams on water quality.

Damien Burggraeve ('03) is an environmental scientist for EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd, a firm based in Kelowna. Damien's work is oriented around fisheries, wildlife, and plant identification, and most of their projects involve completing impact assessments for proposed development.

Tim DeMasters ('04) has enjoyed gaining a variety of experience through several seasonal contracts, including work as a wetland specialist for an environmental consulting firm, conducting a helicopter salmon survey in Alaska, and contributing to an endangered orchid study.  He has also taken up photography and has enjoyed travelling, visiting 7 countries on 3 continents and spending more months abroad than at home.  Tim is now considering settling into a full time position with OtterTail Environmental Inc., an ecological consulting firm in Colorado.

Marianne Huizing ('03) has been working throughout the Western US on small mammal research projects, including prairie dog studies in Utah and pygmy rabbit studies in Northern California.

Danielle Verstraete ('03) does office management and accounting for an air quality company in Ontario.

Susan (Sooze) Waldock ('03) worked for NorthWest Forest Service conducting species surveys after graduation. She's currently working in Vancouver for a wind power company, writing environmental assessments for the first wind farm proposal in B.C. Next, she will head to Belize to work with a graduate student on a comparative study between radio telemetry and camera trapping of rainforest animals.

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