Andrew Burkinshaw ('05) completed an honours degree in ENVS and has been working over the past several years in agricultural development in China and Nepal. He has just been accepted for admission to a graduate school in Norway where he will continue to pursue his studies in sustainable agricultural development.

Stephanie Koole ('05). After spending two years working as the Field Resources Coordinator for Trinity Western University's Environmental Studies program in partnership with A Rocha Canada – Christians in Conservation, Stephanie is heading back to school to complete an Advanced Diploma in GIS through BCIT while continuing to work part-time with A Rocha Canada.

Katie Mayes ('05) has begun her graduate studies at the ACTS Seminaries of Trinity Western University.

Cesar I. Reyes ('05) completed an Environmental Characterization of a local construction project for his senior thesis project. Following graduation, Cesar entered graduate school in Madrid and, as of December 2006, completed his degree in Environmental Management and Policies. Currently he is working an an environmental consultant for an engineering firm in Spain, working on national and international projects and will be working on completing an MBA in the near future.

Jane Schipma ('05) After completing an undergraduate thesis on marine debris issues in the Pacific Northwest and Central America, Jane spent a year as an intern at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. Then worked at the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District in Chicago as a technician in fisheries that collects fish and benthic samples.

Kimberly Roberts ('05) worked on the TWU Crow's Nest Ecological Research Area during the summer of 2005, designing a restoration plan for the Garry oak meadow ecosystem there. In January of 2007, after a 10 month stint with Americorp at an Environmental Ed. center in New York, Kim headed out to Thailand. Currently she has an internship with Upland Holistic Development Program working with the hilltribes in rural northern Thailand. One of the jobs she has is mapping the villages so that they are better able to show the government their land boundaries and how they have developed this land.



Carissa Thomas ('05) completed a thesis on the sustainability of TWU's own infrastructure. After completing an internship at the Solar Living Institute in Northern California, she moved to Seattle in February of 2006, where she is now employed as an Environmental Consultant to an architectural firm.


Jane with Tique
Jane Schipma with Tique the dolphin

 Alyssa Becker (NATS ‘06) went onto PDP at SFU and graduated with my BEd August '08 and got a job teaching Science and Special Education at Sullivan Heights Secondary in Surrey and is also teaching Science 10 and Yearbook on top of Science 8 and Special Ed.


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