Christine Bylenga (BIOL ‘09) graduated from Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand in 2011 with a Master’s degree in Marine Conservation and has recently begun a PhD in Marine Biology at the same institution. She hopes to go to the Antarctic later this year to do research in climate change biology. Her advice to current students: "Get involved! Be a volunteer or find work in the field, ask professors if they want student help. This gives you both experience and connections that set you apart from other applicants, plus it is a great way to refine your interests."

Cliff DeMastus (ENVS '09) began a position as Greenways Asst Coordinator for the city of Bellingham, WA. He writes: "I will help coordinate and lead volunteer work parties that will manage the parks and trails located in the Bellingham area. I will be focused on educating citizens in environmental stewardship and removing invasives while planting native plants.

David Wilson (BIOL ‘10) After graduation I wasn’t sure what type of career I wanted to pursue. However, I did have a bit of an interest in sustainable development, so I thought I would try it out. Six months ago, persistence, prayer and built up experience from many labs, projects, travel studies and positions I had at Trinity paid off in helping me get hired as an environmental specialist with Hatfield Consultants. I have predominantly been working with the hydrology team where many of the projects we are involved in, such as the Regional Aquatics Monitor-ing Program (RAMP), aim to calculate, compare and monitor the effects of industrial development on various watersheds. As an environmental spe-cialist on this project, some of my responsibilities in the field include tak-ing manual flow measurements, performing water level surveys and en-suring that our equipment at each site is in good working condition and recording accurate data. Typically, I spend one week a month out of town. So far this has brought me to Ft. McMurray and West of Grand Prairie in the Rocky Mountains. Some of my time, when I am not out of town is spent in the office, compiling data and reporting. This job has been a great fit so far. I get to study the environment, there is a good variety of work, I get to work outdoors and I get to make my wife jealous when I ride boats, snowmobiles and helicopters to different sites!