Spencer Andres (GEOG ’11) continued on to get his Masters at the University of Waterloo's School of Planning.

Leigh Martens (BIOL ’12) interns in Bangladesh with Grameen Bank founded by Nobel Laureate, Muhammad Yunus.  After completing my undergraduate studies in Biology last year I interned with the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh to learn about social business and how microcredit works. I’m happy to share some of my experience and can highly recommend this internship to any recent graduate. The inital phase of the 6-week internship covered the overall structure and intricacies of the bank. We discussed the basic lending procedures from a more detailed financial point of view, as well as the more simplistic approach, which is taught to the illiterate borrowers. This phase was important for me to grasp the workings of the system, prior to heading out to the villages. The trip to the villages was the most interesting part of the internship for me because I got to see first-hand how social business works and how microcredit has improved the lives of Grameen Bank borrowers. I learned about innovative mechanisms of poverty reduction, different types of loans and deposits and the important role of women borrowers. Seeing the actual groundwork put things into perspective and illustrated the successful bottom-up approach of the Grameen Bank. The Grameen Bank has created an effective way to combat poverty in rural communies in Bangladesh.