The International eNegotiation Tournament

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The International eNegotiation Tournament holds several competitions each year, offering university students an opportunity to showcase their negotiation skills and network with their peers from around the world. The tournament is applicable to a wide range of disciplines including conflict resolution, labour relations, industrial relations, law, and general business. It is designed to motivate participants to strive for the highest level of business professionalism by providing them with an opportunity to use cutting-edge eNegotiation tools in a relevant, spirited competition.

One objective of the research is to study the significance of analytical support as a feature of an eNegotiation System (eNS). eNegotiation is defined as negotiation where traditional communication methods (e.g., face-to-face meetings) are supplemented or replaced with online technology. eNegotiation systems enhance the negotiation process with powerful and convenient tools for organization and optimization.

Participants in the competition choose one of several available eNS and then take some training to prepare themselves. They then negotiate the outcomes of pre-defined issues in a simulated business negotiation over several weeks. Competitors that achieve the highest standing at the end of the tournament are recognized on the website.

This is a non-profit event sponsored by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) of Canada. It is organized and managed by student and academic researchers from various organizations including Concordia University, McMaster University, Trinity Western University and ICAN Systems Inc. For more information contact Andrea Soberg, Trinity Western University, at or 604-888-7511 x 3337.