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“Looking Sideways: Visualizing the Periphery”

Gwenessa Lam

March 2, 2011
Room 128 (Art Studio),
Robert N. Thompson Building

“Looking Sideways: Visualizing the Periphery” is an illustrated artist’s talk that considers the notion of the periphery as a place to occupy. Lam employs peripheral vision as a conceptual framework to discuss her artistic practice as well as ideas surrounding absence, loss, and the unknown.

Gwenessa Lam is a visual artist based in Vancouver. She received her BFA from the University of British Columbia and MFA from New York University. She has taught at New York University, Emily Carr University, and the University of British Columbia. Gwenessa has exhibited in Canada and the USA, including the Bronx Museum of Art (New York), the Queens Museum of Art (New York), Centre A (Vancouver), and Republic gallery (Vancouver). She has been awarded residencies at Banff Centre, Skowhegan, MacDowell and Bemis Centre.

Gwenessa’s paintings and drawings investigate the intersection between the perception, memory, and representation of place. Her work depicts intimate interiors, shadowy objects, and blurred aerial maps, all suggesting locations or situations we may have come across. These images take an interest in our everyday experience of space, from the privacy of one’s room to the omniscient Internet map. However, each level of experience is starkly removed from its original context – objects are plucked from their rooms, a scene is stripped of its furnishings or out of focus. These slight shifts heighten feelings of disquiet and the uncanny, providing alternative views that re-evaluate one’s physical relationship to locations both real and imagined.

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