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2012/2013 Events

New Generations

A diverse offering of unforgettable stories from the next wave of theatre-makers.

January 29 - February 2, 2013

Tuesday – Saturday 7:30pm
Saturday Matinee 2pm

New Generations directors dreaming and scheming of a fantastic production. 
Clockwise, from bottom left, they are: Sarah Ruth, Amy Dauer, Brittany Gainer, Eleanor Felton, and Megan Couch.

    by Nicola Prigge
    Directed by Megan Couch
    Actors from left: Charlotte Elgersma, Taylor Strom, Matthew Wigmore
    An adrenalin-laced comedy about love, deception, and Walmart.

  • WORDS, WORDS, WORDS by David Ives
    Directed by Amy Dauer
    Actors from top: Clark Strom, Graham Boldt, MacKenzie Cameron
    Three monkeys typing into infinity will sooner or later produce 
    Hamlet, right?

  • BUILDING BLOCKS by Benjamin Buckingham
    Directed by Eleanor Felton
    Actors: Jordan Rendle and Jenessa Galbraith
    With one foot in the past and one foot in the present, finding romance is no walk on the beach.

  • check-please-thumbCHECK PLEASE by Jonathan Rand
    Directed by Brittany Gainer
    Actors: James Faley and Veronica Hargrave
    Also featuring Teagan Plett and William Tippery
    A series of blind dinner dates that couldn't get any worse -- until they do.

  • life-under-water-thumbLIFE UNDER WATER by Richard Greenberg
    Directed by Sarah Ruth
    Actors from left: Amara Gelaud, Erik deLange, Emily Herbison
    Also featuring Tia Glenn-Cooke and Dillon James
    Boredom is the root of all evil in this comic drama about the rich and spoiled.

See all 5 plays in one dynamic performance! 

Tickets from $8-14.  Visit the SAMC Theatre Box Office.