School of the Arts, Media + Culture SAMC

2012/2013 Events

SAMC Art + Design | Senior Student Last Hurrah Exhibition

The is the last opportunity to see the work featured in the In Wandering exhibition that was installed at the Langley Centennial Museum in April. The exhibition features artwork by senior Art + Design students Dan Hurst, Monique Gutjahr, Lisa Nickel, Su Jung Park, Lindsay Schroeder, Rachel Selinger, and Rianna Van de Kamp.

It traces the artists’ journeys as they question meaning, inter-subjectivity, identity, depression, the Second Self (the digital social and psychological identity), and impact on the environment. The exhibition explores the concept of art making as purposeful wandering—that the searching process allows for an encounter that transforms the artist, their art, and the viewer.

April 29 - August 15
Time: Monday - Friday, 8am-4pm
Place: President's Gallery, 2nd Floor RSC
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