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2013/14 Events

A sassy, Pulitzer Prize-winning story about second chances...

Mississippi, 1974. Somebody shot the meanest man in town, and everybody's saying it was Babe, his sweet little wife. Lucky for everyone, Babe has terrible aim. With her husband in the hospital and her lawyer blinded by a vendetta of his own, it's up to Babe and her sisters to set things right.

Like the perfect glass of lemonday, Crimes of the Heart is sweet, tart, and refreshing...a quirky Southern comedy complete with a town gossip, a redneck thug, and three sisters who'd do anything for each other. Even while they're fighting to the death over a piece of chocolate.

Featuring Brandon Bate, Charlotte Elgersma, James Faley, Jenessa Galbraith, Liz Squires, and Rachel Zmak

Director Becky MacDormand  |  Costume Designer Jay Havens
Lighting Designer Alia Stephen  |  Set Designer Carolyn Rapanos
Stage Managers Sharra Ganzeveld, Veronica Hargrave, and Jane Townsend

November 19 - 30

Tues - Sat 7:30pm  |  Sat matinees 2:00pm
Tickets from $8 - $18. Visit the SAMC Theatre Box Office.

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