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Welcome to SAMC – School of the Arts, Media + Culture

Our world is full of art and ideas...everywhere we turn we encounter words, music, images. Human beings – created in the image of a Creator God – are fundamentally and amazingly creative. SAMC is a rich and stimulating academic community of people who believe in the power and the wonder of words and ideas, music and images, story and relationship. As highly creative and skilled artists, scholars, and leaders, we fully engage the culture in which we live, and are dedicated to mentoring students in the development of their own personal voice.

Engaging with who they were created to be, and engaging the issues of faith and meaning which lie at the heart of each of their disciplines, our students are exploring and taking risks, discovering their human potential and preparing for professional lives beyond university.

Making pottery, making films. Making speeches, plays, or video games. Students of history, students of contemporary culture. In a darkroom, in a practice room, in a seminar room, in a dressing room. In a choir of 150, in a painting class of 10, in a professor's office. On stage or online. SAMC students are making a difference.

Check out SAMC’s programs in Art + Design, Media + Communication, Music, and Theatre, and the interdisciplinary program in the Arts, Media + Culture which draws from many different departments. You’ll find our courses and programs culturally relevant, academically rigorous, and spiritually vital.

Inspire…Change…Inspire change

Dr. David Squires, SAMC Dean
Trinity Western University

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