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Jill Macknee featured in Romance Capital of the Yukon

Photo of Dawson city above invitation to Romance Capital of the Yukon exhibit

Artwork by SAMC Art + Design graduate Jill Macknee is currently on display at Vancouver’s Rubble Gallery, in an exhibition called Romance Capital of the Yukon. The exhibition focuses on the idea of shelter and the romanticism of trying to find a space for yourself. This is explored in the context of the north, specifically the town of Dawson City in Canada’s Yukon territory.

Jill and 12 other artists from across Canada based their work for this show on personal experiences from time spent in Dawson City, where they all met by chance last summer. As one of Jill’s colleagues put it, “Our interest in the word shelter is consequential of the Yukon being a place where shelter is repeatedly rethought, re-understood, re-experienced, and redefined. It is where retreat from society, mass culture, newness, consumption, policy, and normalcy is possible.”

Open now until March 3, the multi-media exhibition includes film, photography, installation, painting, drawing, printmaking, writing, sculpture, and performance.

Romance Capital of the Yukon

February 17 to March 3  |  Rubble Gallery, 1879 Powell Street, Vancouver

Gallery open Wednesday through Sunday  |

Author: Diana Squires

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