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Three SAMC Art + Design faculty members to be featured
in exhibitions this spring and summer



Saturated Phenomenon
Works in graphite, encaustic, and steel

April 29 - May 11, 2013
Bellevue Gallery
2475 Bellevue Avenue, West Vancouver

Saturated phenomenon are experiences of givenness that philosopher Jean Luc Marion says exceed the senses, that flood, overrun– indeed saturate otherwise ordinary events. Saturating phenomenon surpass the sum of their parts; an experience of overflowing fulfillment, saturated phenomenon exceed the intentional act that generates them and is incommensurable–not measureable in any ordinary way.

These images juxtapose minimal planes of steel with close up faces caught between fear and joy- laughing, crying, screaming, meditating, being flooded with fields of saturated colour, seen floating through layers of texts.

The Saturated Phenomenon Series celebrates how simple mundane surfaces can open, enfold and invite such saturated phenomenon. The surface of steel, the porous, close–up topography of the face, the signifying surfaces of texts, maps, packing stickers, material veils of saturated colour–each trace, layer, flood, open and unfold multiple depths. The surfaces themselves invite not a dualistic opposition of surface with depth, but celebrate how the surfaces themselves suggest multiple readings. Multiple traces overlay and do not erase.

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© Michael Merrill, Lightning Field (detail), 2013, vinyl gouache on wood panel, 34,5 x 49,8 cm.
Courtesy Galeries Roger Bellemare et Christian Lambert, Montreal

The Painting Project
A Snapshot of Painting in Canada

May 1 - June 1, 2013
Galerie de l'UQAM
Université du Québec à Montréal

The Painting Project. A Snapshot of Painting in Canada opens on April 30 at Galerie de l’UQAM. Unique for the diversity of recent works on display, the exhibition testifies to the intense activity taking place in painters’ studios all across Canada. The works by 60 artists were selected after two years of research. The project also includes a virtual exhibition, which will be launched in fall 2013 to give the national and international public access to a lively, prolific art scene. Many of the artists will be in attendance at openings and public activities.

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May 9 - August 25, 2013
Djavid Mowafaghian Atrium at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum
2212 Main Mall, Vancouver

In this visual art exhibition by Edith Krause, [a]drift presents human life-sized images of tiny marine creatures. Merging the worlds of art and science, Krause chose portraiture, an art form traditionally reserved for humans, as her medium to showcase individual organisms while carefully avoiding the scientific habit of splaying them out for identification. She worked with them as characters in the actual poses she observed. While the images are mimetic, these enlarged portraits convey their ecological importance, reveal forms that are unfamiliar and fantastic, and make visible the invisible.

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