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Senior art + design students question identity and the Second Self in Fort Langley exhibition

Art + Design and pyschology major, Dan Hurst,
preps his work for the exhibition 
(Photo: Nancy Timmermans).

In partnership with the Langley Centennial Museum, Trinity Western University’s School of the Arts, Media + Culture presents the 2013 graduating students’ art show, In Wandering. The exhibition features artwork by senior art and design students Dan Hurst, Monique Gutjahr, Lisa Nickel, Su Jung Park, Lindsay Schroeder, Rachel Selinger, and Rianna Van de Kamp.      

In Wandering traces the artists’ journeys as they question meaning, inter-subjectivity, identity, depression, the Second Self (the digital social and psychological identity), and impact on the environment. The exhibition’s title explores the concept of art making as purposeful wandering—that the searching process allows for an encounter that transforms the artist, their art, and the viewer. In Wandering is the result of this process of creating connections, patterns, and possibilities.

Art + Design and psychology major Dan Hurst uses a non-traditional medium, human hair, to explore two systems of knowing—mythic and scientific. By juxtaposing these two systems in his work, Hurst explores the odd concurrence of making meaning from remnants. “Knowledge is connecting the dots,” said Hurst. He hopes that his work will “cultivate dialogue by revealing connections that may have been previously unexplored.”

For these students, In Wandering is the pinnacle of four-years of hard work, investigation, and academic study. It is a showcase of their breadth of work and growth as artists.

“I am seeking to navigate the tragic and ironic relationship between the beauty of the sky and human interference”, said art + design major Su Jung Park. She uses pastel and graphite to explore the chemical consequences revealed in the sky. “We live in a developed country, yet even now, we still destroy the nature given to us,” said Park. “I invite the viewer to consider the beauty of nature that is around us and contemplate the human actions that enhance or destroy it.”         

In Wandering runs March 26 – April 27 at Langley Centennial Museum, 9135 King Street, Fort Langley. Opening Reception March 26 from 6:30 – 9 pm. Presented as part of SAMC's Festival of the Arts, Media + Culture. For more information, visit or

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