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TWU stirs up a sweet, tart comedy

058-crimes-of-the-heart-main Like the perfect glass of lemonade, Trinity Western University’s latest SAMC Theatre production is sweet, tart, and refreshing. Crimes of the Heart, a sassy Southern comedy about second chances, runs November 19-30.

This Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Beth
Henley takes place in 1972, when the “meanest man in Mississippi” has just been shot and the whole town is saying it was
Babe, his sweet little wife. Luckily for everyone, Babe has terrible aim. With her husband in the hospital and her lawyer blinded by a vendetta of his own, it’s up to Babe and her sisters to set things right.

“The story, funny and disastrous as it is, resonates with the hope and desperation we’ve all experienced at one time or another,” says director Becky MacDormand, an accomplished TWU alumna who has worked on Vancouver stages such as The Cultch and Pacific Theatre. “Is there still hope when everything blows up in your face? Is your family worth supporting, even when they let you down?”

The antics of the Magrath girls serve as a comical reminder that you can’t choose your family. While Babe is known as a “pretty, perfect sugarplum,” she doesn’t have all the lights on upstairs. Meg, the wild middle child, can’t help toying with the heart of her childhood beau—and giving the town gossip plenty to talk about. Lenny, the eldest, has the worst luck imaginable, from a shrunken ovary to a beloved horse getting struck by lightning. But, as these Southern belles prove, sometimes the most eccentric and dysfunctional family can actually be the most lovable.

“It’s a comedy, but it’s not an escape,” says MacDormand. “As you follow the irreverent adventures of these quirky, small-town characters, you can’t help but look at the ups and downs of your own relationships—maybe with fresh eyes. Sometimes that’s the best gift theatre can offer.”

Crimes of the Heart stars Brandon Bate, Charlotte Elgersma, James Faley, Jenessa Galbraith, Liz Squires, and Rachel Zmak. The set designer is Carolyn Rapanos, costume designer is Jay Havens, and lighting designer is Alia Stephen. The show is stage managed by Sharra Ganzeveld, Veronica Hargrave, and Jane Townsend.

Playing November 19 – 30 at 7:30pm Tues-Sat with 2:00pm Saturday matinees. Special pricing on the first Tuesday. For tickets and information, visit or call 604.513.2121 extension 3872.  For sponsorship and advertising opportunities, email

Author: Diana Squires
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