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Don't miss TWU's annual festival of student-created theatre! 3 short plays presented back-to-back for your viewing pleasure. New scripts, up-and-coming directors, talented actors...check out what's in the mix.

by Shelby Wyminga (TWU student)
Idealistic eco-warrior meets the world’s most cynical barista. All bets are off in this fair-trade, organic romance where the customer’s always right…or is he?
Director: Elizabeth Drummond Actors: Uliana Akulenko, Courtney Brice, MacKenzie Cameron, Connor Thiessen, and Alexis Westlund

THE WOODEN PEAR by Gillian Plowman (award-winning playwright)
An ex-con comes face to face with the damage he can never undo. But can he repair it?
Director: Joelle Wyminga Actors: Nathan Murphy and Madeleine Osborne

THE LONGEST WAY HOME by Audrey Herold (TWU alumna)
It’s time they faced up to their feelings for each other. In the woods. With bad poetry, a bottle of gin, and a crime-fighting gig they should really get back to.
Director: Teagan Plett Actors: Ross Browne, Becca Carsience, Amanda Haggett, Lucas Morehouse, Brooklyn Simes, and Tunji Taylor-Lewis

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