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Current Show

The Bacchae, playing March 22 - April 2


The Bacchae

4th-year actor/songstress Mackenzie West channels her inner Lady Gaga as Diona.


Thomas Nelson

Diona encounters the exceptional work ethic of Canton’s hard-hitting law enforcement team. L-R: Lyndon Johnson, Thomas Nelson, Sarah Ruth.



Jon Hollis-Franks turns heads as the Hercules you thought you knew…just another legendary figure getting a modern makeover in Aaron Caleb’s retelling of The Bacchae.



Daniele Neve (left) and Karyn Guenther play sisters and devoted fans entranced by the latest of Diona’s sophisticated techno-gadgets.


Set Design

In her theatre debut, 3rd-year Visual Arts major Katrina Grabowski rounds out her portfolio with The Bacchae’s stylish set design.

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