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Welcome to the TWU School of Education!

TWU’s School of Education prepares caring and competent educators who seek to:

  • enrich the lives of all children and young people,
  • inspire life-long learning, and
  • equip learners who will contribute to their communities in compassionate and transformational ways.

Whether you plan to become a certified teacher or an educator in community based learning environments or are seeking to build on your existing career in education, our undergraduate and graduate porgrams are uniquely designed to support an enriching education journey.

Message From The Dean

On behalf of the School of Education, welcome to our website!

The TWU School of Education, in distinct contrast to all other teacher education programs in BC, is the only program that intentionally connects education practice  with the rich tradition of Christian spiritual understandings and practices of teaching and learning.Kimberly Franklin, Ed. D.

In each of our undergraduate and graduate programs (B.Ed., MAEL, MAES: Special Education), hearts and minds are inspired as preservice teachers are directed beyond meeting standards and acquiring technical expertise and background knowledge, to the life-long exploration and development of philosophical and theological understandings of what it means to be human, to be educated, and to live well with others and the created world.

The virtue pathways of reflective discernment, wisdom, humility, peace, patience, reverence, gratitude, compassion, hope, courage, faithfulness, attentiveness and love of beauty are offered as invitations to growth and illumination in the pursuit of a vocation that is highly complex and challenging. The School of Education program outcomes and virtue pathways can be found here.

Kimberly Franklin, Ed. D.
Dean, School of Education

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